Tavern prague menu

Delicious meals and beverages prepared by traditional recipes promise a gourmet experience. Enjoy also long forgotten meals with delicious tastes awakening untraditional experience in all of us.

Tavern prague menu

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Something to start with

100g Duck liver pâté "Lord Mayor" style on rye bread toast 69,-
100g Pickled surface-ripened cheese, "Castle Master" style, bread & pastry 69,-
120g Medieval brawn (collared pork) with spicy onion and lovage 79,-
120g Pickled herring, warm potato, bacon and apple mouse 84,-
Handful of roasted almonds or unpeeled peanuts 40,-

its and Pieces from the Smoking Chamber and the Cheese Maker

150g Cheese on a wooden plate, dried fruits, nuts 89,-
150g Smoked meats on a wooden plate, grain mustard, hot pickled peppers, shallots 89,-

From Our Garden

Bowl of mixed vegetables, salty cheese from the Balkans 75,-
Fresh cole salad with carrots and horseradish grown in the wild 49,-
Tossed lettuce leaves from an old onion grower, toast 49,-


Green-pea soup with roasted bread cubes 45,-
Whey-based cabbage soup with sliced sausage 45,-


Medieval green-pea porridge, smoked meat 85,-
Peeled barley porridge, old Czech style, mushrooms 75,-

Meats: Poultry, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Fish

1/4 Oven-baked duck, apple cole, bacon dumpling 185,-
1/4 Steamed rooster, prune sauce, potato pancake 235,-
1/4 Oven-baked chicken, nettle filling from Tereza the herb collector, raisin sauce 175,-
300g Grilled beef neck, spinach-filled baked potato 245,-
200g Venison goulash in a kettle, wheat-barley roll, onion 165,-
300g Grilled pork chop from the Lord Mayor's backyard, garlic, peeled barley porridge 195,-
250g Lamb knee on rosemary, red cabbage and beetroot, wheat-potato gnocchi 235,-
500g Oven-baked pork ribs, Matthias Corvinus style on garlic, rye bread 180,-
250 - 300g Oven-baked trout on caraway seeds by recipe from Magdalena the water bailiff, small salad, rye baguette 185,-

For Two Hungry Fellas

1000g Oven-baked pork knee, ribs, chicken skewer, vegetables from a wooden cask, peeled barley porridge 385,-

Something Sweet to Top it up

Home-made pancakes with cinnamon and prune jam 65,-
Quark dumplings filled with apples and prunes, roasted bread crumbs and honey 79,-
Baked pear with punch and raisins 55,-


on tap
0,5l Krusovice 39,-
0,3l Krusovice 24,-
0,5l Master semi-dark 13° 42,-
0,3l Master semi-dark 13° 27,-
Korma (beer mixed with honey wine) 60,-
0,05l Honey wine 35,-
0,05l Warm honey wine 35,-
0,2l Mulled wine 45,-
from a bottle
0,5l Fénix unfiltered rye lager 39,-
0,5l Kozel 11° 30,-
0,5l Birrel alcohol-free 30,-

Wine by the Glass (Rakvice)

0,2l Chardonnay - white, semi-dry 45,-
0,2l Pinot Noir (dry) 45,-

Wine by the Bottle (0,75l)

Veltlin Green - dry
(by Kosík vinyards of Tvrdonice)
Pinot Gris, semi-dry
(by Kosík vinyards of Tvrdonice)
Cabernet Moravia
(Pinot Gris, semi-dry)
St. Laurent barrique semi-dry
(by Moravíno vinyards)
Sweet Ciders (0.3l, alcohol-free)
Something Stronger (0,05l)
Apple cider 30,-
Flavoured apple cider
(sour cherry, black currents, carrot, ginger)
0,3l Orange juice 30,-
0,25l Still water 25,-
0,25l Sparkling water 25,-
Espresso 40,-
(black, green, herb, fruit)
Fernet 40,-
Becherovka 45,-
Vodka (Absolut) 45,-
Schnaps (Jelínek)
(plum, pear, apricot)
Whiskey (Tullamore dew) 60,-
Cognac (Martell) 70,-
Rum from a far-away land (Zacapa) 80,-
0,1l Campari 80,-
0,1l Cinzano 60,-

Opening Hours

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Anno Domini 1471
Čermákova 7, Praha 2 - Vinohrady
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